Frequently Asked Questions Of NiceH2O™

1) Do I have to plug it in to use or can it run off of being charged ? 
- There's a USB cable that comes together with the package. 
- For it to run, it has to be plugged into an electrical outlet or a power bank via a USB adaptor.

2) Can I add my essential oil into the water ? 
- We 
DO NOT recommend it to be used with essential oils, as highly concentrated oils may damage the tubing. 
- If absolutely necessary, dilute 1-2 drops of 
water-soluble essential oils for every 300 mls of water before using.

3) How frequent do I need to replace the cottons ? 
- Depending on the frequency and intensity of your usage, one cotton stick can last between 1-2 months. 
- We've included 2 long & 2 short cotton sticks together with the package, enough to last you for 4-8 months :)

4) Is this safe for use with babies ? Will it be too noisy ? 
- Our device operates through ultrasonic technology and does not emit any form of radiation/substances that may cause potential harm to humans.  
- Furthermore, the mist and vapour produce little to no noise, making it perfect for nurturing babies and small children.

5) What happens if I forget to turn this off when sleeping ? Will it catch fire ?

- This device can run up to 8 hours continuously, enough for a good night's sleep, before it switches off automatically through a circuit breaker. 
- This is one of the protective and safety measure to prevent the device from over-heating and causing any harm. 

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